Starting this month, we are doing a domain name parking test. In fact, we are taking our parked domains and putting them on Afternic, and the other half on Our test is to gauge a few things as to how well they are received to their online traffic.

The reason for this domain name parking test is to see how these two services compare with similar domain names. Obviosuly we can’t park the exact domain name in two places at once. However we have realty domain names, over 10 in fact so we will split those domains per parking service.

Overall, we have over 150 domain names so each service will have at least 75 for this test. Quite simply, when you go on social media you will get a lot of opinions as to which domain parking service produces the best. With that being said, we wanted to see for ourselves which one produces with our domain names.

We look forward to keeping everyone updated and showing how our domains performed. To see which domains we have on each parking service, just click on the links below.

Afternic Domain Name List Domain Name List

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