New White Claw Flavors Introduced To Customers

White Claw introduces three new flavors for their hard seltzer line. The total amount of flavors now stands at eight.

New White Claw Flavors Introduced

Announced today were the new White Claw flavors introduced as apart of collection No.2. It’s been so popular, #WhiteClawFlavors is the #1 trending term on Twitter. Specifically, the new White Claw flavors are Lemon, Watermelon, and Tangerine. These three new flavors now have fans eight flavors to choose from and enjoy.

For one thing, White Claw dominates the hard seltzer market. With that being said, these three new refreshing flavors should only add to their dominance.

So how did they come up with these three new flavors? They did what any smart beverage company should do, they took their campaign to social media. Through 70,000 requests on social media, these new flavors will be sold individually and through 12-can variety packs.

Being that White Claw dominates the spiked seltzer market, the introduction of their new flavors should help them continue that dominance. Given that competition continues to enter the market, it helps when the leader brings new flavors and expands their reach to their followers.

So why are we promoting the White Claw new flavors to our audience?

Glad you asked. The minute that we saw that #WhiteClawFlavors was the #1 trending term on trending, we took action. To be brief, we registered the domain Our hope is that White Claw notices this, and contacts us so they can further promote all White Claw flavors.

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