We are excited for our upcoming Undeveloped domain name parking test campaign. To being with, Undeveloped is Dan.com which was founded in 2014. Just as we are doing with our parked domains on Afternic, we are going to test overall traffic, leads, and domain name sales. To read more about our domain name parking test, you can read that here.

To tell the truth, we are curious how the overall traffic varies between Afternic and Dan.com. As mentioned on our Afternic post, they boast about their partners and overall reach. So we have in mind that views should vary among the two. However, we are going to see how much we save on total domain names sold. What do we mean by that? Compared to the bottom line of 20% commission at Afternic, Dan.com takes 9% commission on each sale. In simpler terms, that’s a savings of $165 on a $1,500 domain sold.

All in all, we are excited to see how our Undeveloped domain name parking test goes. So if you want to look at our domain names currently available on Dan.com, click on the link below.

TheBrandableDomains listed on Dan.com