A domain name parking service might be the option for you if you aren’t currently using those registered domains. In fact, there are quite a few parking domain services available, but which one should you use? Over the past year, we have used a few and we have a few options for you to consider.

For the purpose of parking your domains, you need to consider why you are parking those domains. When you register that domain name, it’s typically done for the following reasons.

  • Reserving the rights to that domain name
  • Protecting the domain from others that might just “sit” on the domain. Otherwise known as ‘cybersquatting’.
  • Need time to develop your ideas for building the website for that domain
  • Generating income for parking the domain

So who do we suggest? Take a look at the list below for our recommended domain parking services.

So if you are considering a domain name parking service, take a look at the examples we have above. More importantly, look at what they have to offer. Do they offer multiple types of landing pages? Do they offer landing pages that offer buy it now, make an offer options? When you park your domains, what do you want as an end result?

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