Registering Good Domain Name Best Practices

Registering Good Domain Name
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This is our registering good domain name best practices to get discovered. In fact, we wrote this because like ourselves, everyone thinks they have that great domain name. However, there are factors that play into what makes a great domain name. For this reason, we have these bullet points as a guide to help in registering god domain name best practice guidelines.

  • Choose a domain name in 15 characters or less
  • Read to speak
  • Speak to hear

So what does all of this mean and why is is important? Let’s take a look at each bullet point and explain why these are so important.

You want to make sure your branding domain is 15 characters or less so that it’s easy to remember. Case in point, why would you register a domain like when you can register Granted, maybe isn’t the best domain name, but what’s easier to remember?

This brings up to our next point. ‘Read to Speak’. This simply means you can shout this domain name to a group of friends and they can understand what you are saying. If you can say your domain name to a group and they can understand it, then it’s a good domain name.

The speak to hear is the most important good domain name best practice. Let’s say you are in a crowded room and you shout “Eggsgames”. Well, this crowd might think you said “Exsgames”. This is why you want to register a domain name that is easy to remember and without question understand.

So how can you register a good domain name? Take a look at our article on domain name tools by clicking here. This will give you other options if your domain isn’t available and it could help with other great domain options. In short, this is our go to keyword domain tool to use when registering good domain names.

Case in point, when you are going to register a domain name, you need to do your homework. Just because it sounds like a good idea, it needs to pass a few tests.