New Jersey Real Estate Domains Available For Purchase

Our New Jersey real estate domains will be a welcome addition to local real estate agents.

New Jersey Real Estate Domains

About a year ago we purchased New Jersey real estate domains. The idea was to use them in marketing a real estate career. However, things changed and we now have these real estate domains in our portfolio. In fact, having these real estate web domains prompted us to purchase these broker domains.

To start with, these New Jersey real estate domains aren’t premium domains. However, they are still valuable to market your business. The facts are, real estate has been booming and we are actively looking to add more real estate domains to our portfolio. Both on a local and nationwide level. With that being said, take a look at our current real estate domains available for purchase. If you are interested in purchasing them, click on the link and make us an offer.

To begin with, you can compare recently sold domains to get an idea of the value for these real estate domains. sold for $2,800 and sold for $588. Again, these aren’t what you call premium web domains, but there is value there.

To make us an offer, you can click on the links above or go directly to our real estate page by clicking here.