Available Brandable Local Go Green Web Domains

Brandable go green domains help environmentally friendly businesses brand themselves.

Brandable Local Go Green

We have joined the movement for brandable local go green domains. This category excites us because more and more businesses are going green. In fact, homeowners realize that energy efficient brands are better for their home, so we see this trend continuing. The term we keep hearing was “go green”, so we took that and thought how can we brand that on a local level. If you think about it, a business that wants to let their audience know that they are environmentally friendly, adding the phrase “go green” makes sense.

With that being we did some research and found a lot of big cities were incorporating “go green” with their city name within their domain. To be honest, it made it hard to find a lot that were available. Now, that’s great for those businesses, and secondly, it shows that other major US cities should follow their lead. As you can see, the trend continues to head in this direction, so the amount of available domains will be harder to register.

So what did we find available? The below domains are currently available and we have some comparisons to show you as well. For example, there is a AC repair company using GoGreenAustin.com which at one point sold for $1,488. Along with that example, the domain, GoGreenTX.com was sold for $1,250. For this reason, we will continue to monitor similar domains available to add to our portfolio and eventually sell for a nice profit. That being the case, here is the list of our brandable go green web domains available for purchase. Click on the links below and you can purchase or contact us with any questions.

Let us know what you think about our “go green” domains that we have available. Incidentally, if you have any “go green”, or environmentally friendly domains, let us know and share it with our followers. Finally, and just as a side note, we have five US cities listed above that were named as “Most Environmentally Friendly Cities In The US” according to Insider.com.

To conclude, we are actively monitoring other types of “go green” and “green” domains. Once we find some good ones we will add them to our Green Environment domain list page. In the meantime, take a look at our other environment domains as well as others that we have available by clicking here.